GSA Leased Properties




What are the GSA Leased Investment Properties?  

GSA investment properties are properties that have been leased to different United States Government or Federal agencies such as FBI, IRS, ICE, DEA, VA, SSA. U.S Customs, Border Patrol, USA Immigration, Department of Justice and so on. General Service Administration (GSA) is backed 100% by the US Government, which maintains S&P Rated AA+ Credit. These investments are purchased by numerous public entities because they are the most secure mode of investment in the world.  


Why investors should consider investing in GSA leased properties?

Ø Long term leases, US Government agencies usually sign 10 to 20 years leases with option to renew.

Ø Investors will be benefited with AA ratings.

Ø Insurance companies, pension funds, real estate funds, banks and various other investors invest in GSA leased properties because they are the most secure investments in market place.

Ø They are the safest and most secure investments.

Ø   A leaseholder can get financing for a long term basis.

Ø   A leaseholder will be safeguarded from the risk of bankruptcies and the misuse of   payments.

Ø They are much safer than conventional commercial assets.

Ø They are backed by stability or security as well as a guarantee from the federal  government.

Ø For property owners, leasing agents, and landlords they are a worthwhile business opportunity.

Ø Landlords can get long term and stable leases for their buildings with the help of such  investments.

Ø    For small and medium sized property owners, they are also a worthwhile investing option or a business venture.


Ø GSA assets are designed with unique features namely IT and quality infrastructure  requirements.


Ø GSA assets are designed as per the environmental prospects such as LEED, offering amenities to leaseholders.


Ø GSA Real estate projects are built  with Green Building Certification to conserves resources and protects the environment as well.



Who are the investors or owners?   


Federal government agencies, public entities, large companies, fund organizations, large  corporations, banks, insurance companies, government or semi government firms,  overseas organizations and many more are the investors or owners of gsa leased properties. The investors purchase or invest in GSA buildings such as warehouses, courthouses, IRS, FBI buildings, VA, SSA, US Embassy, border stations, laboratories, workplaces, offices, clinics, ICE, US Customs and much more.  Federal workers and customers, business owners, realtors, bureaus, commissions, contractors and employees benefit from gsa leased  such investments.  




Responsibilities of tenants and landlords  

Ø   Tenants are responsible for abiding all laws and rules by submitting required documents.  

Ø   A leaseholder and landlord must abide by the contract that sets standards and policies, and the executive orders, laws, and regulations that are set by federal statues and various other rules and regulations.  

Ø   Landlords should also make different verifications required during the leasing process.  


Why GSA properties are the most secured and the safest real estate investment option?   

The General Service Administration (GSA) is a self financed organization. It possesses central assets of the government. It is an independent agency of the United States government. It is especially created to assist and support the basic functioning of federal agencies. Moreover, managing workflow and developing policies are the elementary functions of the agency.  It employs numerous federal personnel and manages the real estate domain as well. The GSA has a federal property section divided among owned and leased buildings. The Public Building Service and the Federal Acquisition Service are the two significant services performed by GSA. This agency also includes an Office of Government wide Policy and other Staff offices. The organization offers properties for purchasing and lending to people who are associated with public entities. The General Service Administration offers purchasing programs and real estate services. They practice affirmative business activities in different regions in the entire United States, namely Chicago, Ft. Worth, Kansas City, New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Washington D.C., Missouri, San Francisco, Seattle and many more.  


Investors or owners can experience numerous benefits from GSA assets, including:   

Ø   Buyers can receive most favorable customer pricing    

Ø   Enjoy the privilege of short lead times acquisition   

Ø   Low cost administration    

Ø   Less inventory   

Ø   Buyers or tenants can enjoy budget friendly investment   

Ø   Long term leasing stability with assured guarantees from the federal government   

Ø   These properties possess lower operational risks and obstacles than other real estate investments.  

Ø  Investors can get long term stability and guaranteed peace of mind. 

The General Service Administration controls more than 9,600 self-owned and leased properties as well as work spaces for over one million personnel. The agency maintains a large number of GSA schedule  pre-negotiated  contracts. They disseminate regulations for governing the acquisition, use and disposal of real estate property. Such activity takes place in the Office of Government wide Policy. They offer workplaces for federal customer agencies as well as United States courthouses at economical rates.  They offer surplus real property to both public and private bidders. Moreover, land or property they control is only sold or leased for government purposes.



General Service Administration (GSA) is backed 100% by the US Government, which maintains S&P Rated AA+ Credit. GSA has 11 regional areas working on public building and work place leasing services. The agency offers buildings with policy, regulations, products and services. GSA leased properties are gaining huge popularity among investors, as it is associated with risk free, economical and secured investment experience. They are the best way of maximizing the profit margins or rates. Therefore, purchasing GSA leased properties are profitable and secure investing experience. So, consider safe GSA leased property investment solutions.